Locally Sourced Seafood: Top Menu Items Straight From The Sea

Weathervane Seafood Offers Locally Sourced Lobster Meat, Scallops and Clams

The key to obtaining locally sourced seafood—whether it is lobster meat, scallops or clams—is building a strong and healthy relationship with the local ground fishing community throughout New England. At Weathervane Seafood, we firmly believe these types of relationships are what make our restaurants some of the most popular sources for fresh seafood throughout both Maine and New Hampshire.

Whether it is a lobster boat situated out of Portland, ME or a scallop fishermen based in New Bedford, MA, having a connection to local seafood insiders is imperative to providing a quality product each and every day. Our guests can take solace in knowing that some of the menu items they have come to know and love are not only locally sourced, but in some cases come straight off the boats of local ground fisherman.

As Weathervane’s director of procurement for a combined 28 years, Jim Collins is charged with the daily task of ensuring all restaurant locations get their hands on locally sourced seafood so that guests never have to go without some of the best fare New England has to offer. According to Collins, the top 3 locally source seafood options on Weathervane’s menu include the following:


Weathervane acquires between 275,000 to 300,000-pounds of live lobsters each year—which easily equates to hundreds and hundreds of guest plates filled with delicious lobster meat all year long.

The fresh Maine lobsters are acquired primarily from fish markets throughout southern and central Maine, but occasionally come from Canada depending upon how slow the off-season gets. Obtaining locally sourced lobsters allows Weathervane to offer the New England seafood delicacy at a competitive and affordable price to its guest, according to Collins.


Weathervane brings in close to 60,000-pounds of clams each and every year for guests to enjoy. The clams Weathervane uses for frying are acquired by the gallon and range between 4,500-4,800-gallons a year. Since one gallon equals eight-pounds, this means Weathervane brings in nearly 40,000 pounds of shucked clam for frying each year. The clams that are steamed equate to roughly 20,000 pounds a year. The clams come from all over the state of Maine, according to Collins.


Weathervane obtains roughly 38,000-pounds of scallops each year. The scallops, which allow for menu items like bay and sea scallops, come from ground fishing fleets based out of southern and central Maine, as well as from the New Bedford fishery, according to Collins. During periods of unavailability due to fishermen satisfying their quotas, the scallops are obtained from nearby waters off the Canadian coast.

While it can be challenging to ensure locally source seafood continues to come through the doors throughout the year at Weathervane, Collins said the key is being able to keep a close eye on the status of the fishing industry no matter the season.

“You have to know when the seasons start and what the quotas look like and you have to anticipate and watch as the season goes on,” said Collins.

By far the most important part of giving guests what they want is through maintaining Weathervane’s long standing relationships with fishermen throughout New England, according to Collins.

“The relationships we have with these individuals from up and down the coast are important to us,” he said. “This allows us to be consistent in what we offer our guests.”

If you’re curious about what some of the freshest New England seafood tastes like, be sure to stop by one of our many restaurant locations throughout ME and NH. Our menus offer a little of something for everyone.

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