Customize Your Clambake Experience at Weathervane

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Fresh Maine steamed clams, served in piping hot broth with drawn butter! That’s the number one ingredient for a traditional New England clambake.

Number two? We’ll give you a clue. It has two claws, a tail and turns bright red when it’s cooked. Oh yeah, it is also extremely healthy and is widely considered one of the most delicious foods in the world. Mmmmm, you guessed it — lobster also shares top billing on the clambake recipe list.

Yes, the clambake is a genuine New England classic — fresh seafood and sides steamed over driftwood and hot rocks, swaddled in layers of seaweed for extra ocean flavor. The smoky, salty aroma is great, but a true beach clambake can also be a laborious day-long project.

Of course, there is a much easier way — a simple, three-step process that enables you and your family to enjoy the best of the clambake experience, but without all the fuss and mess.
Step 1: Go to a Weathervane Seafood Restaurant near you.

Step 2: Order your favorite clambake ingredients, along with a cold beverage.

Step 3: Strap on your lobster bib and enjoy.

Customize Your Clambake

When you’re craving old-fashioned clambake goodness but don’t want to spend a big chunk of your day preparing and then cleaning up, it’s a lot easier to just roll over to your nearest Weathervane and let us take care of everything. Of course, your Weathervane clambake experience also comes with one of Pa Gagner’s “How to Eat a Lobster” bibs to help you enjoy it to the fullest.

A traditional clambake generally features a set menu, but doing it restaurant style opens opportunities for everybody to customize their own a la carte feast. For example:

Custom Clambake Suggestions

  • Start off with a refreshing ice-cold $5 margarita!
  • Definitely treat yourself to a cup of Bea’s Clam Chowder.
  • Like fried calamari? Just say the word.
  • Prefer fried onion rings instead of steamers? Go ahead and choose.
  • Want your lobster topped with buttery crabmeat stuffing and baked into a pie? OK!
  • Fresh grilled salmon is not a traditional clambake item. Says who?
  • We’ve got haddock nuggets for mini mariners.
  • Or chicken tenders for little landlubbers.
  • And can we talk scallops?
  • If you can somehow save room, top it all off with our signature wild Maine blueberry cobbler.

At Weathervane Restaurant, we’ve been treating families to generous portions of great tasting food and drink since 1969. Gathering for a special occasion? We welcome large parties (but please call ahead for groups of 10 or more).

Jeremy Gagner, grandson of Weathervane founders Pa and Bea Gagner, now oversees an operation that serves up some 200,000 pounds of lobster and 20,000 pounds of steamed clams every year, making Weathervane the place to enjoy your custom clambake.

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