Lobster Lore Program

For nearly forty years, Weathervane Seafood Restaurants have been a major provider of lobsters and other seafood to the Northeast and beyond. Over the years, we have amassed an enormous wealth of experience and knowledge about lobsters. These fascinating creatures play a very special part in the marine ecosytem as well as  commerce here in the Northeastern United States. We have put together two sets of curricula for both the grade K-3 and grade 4-6 age groups of schoolchildren. The first set is aimed at raising interest among very young children–some of whom may never have seen a lobster; while the second set is aimed at children who have at east some awareness of marine habitat, biology, geography and of fish and other sea life.

Both presentations can be tailored to fill time slots ranging from half an hour to nearly two. We can present to groups from 5 to 500. The K–3 age group is engaged with a non-frightening presentation utilizing Weathervane’s Larry the Lobster character. Our costumed  Larry (not unlike a team mascot) is a big hit with the youngsters. The kids are taught some basic facts about lobsters, their biology, trapping and use as a valuable, nutritious food source. Older children are entertained with a more detailed presentation. While still a lot of fun, this presentation is a bit more in-depth and does a terrific job of getting the fourth, fifth and sixth graders to open up and ask questions. Emphasis is placed on the importance of the fishery and on protecting the environment. Children of all ages are very receptive to
these messages.

If you would like to make Lobster Lore a part of your curriculum, contact your nearest Weathervane Seafood  restaurant. The manager will be happy to provide a wonderful experience for you to share with your  students. Please click here for location information. For a downloadable PDF file click here.